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Teaching general translation at the University of the West Indies and literary translation at Cálamo & Cran.

Writing the Fundació La Caixa style book, together with Judit Cusidó and Mercè Bolló, for Barcelona Kontext.

Launching and monthly co-editing of GLBT magazine
Dos.Dos. Interviewing authors like Daniel Helminiak or Joseph Olshan and writing articles on leisure, art, illustration and other topics.

Translating texts for
New York University's Grey Art Gallery and for the Dia Art Foundation in New York.

Co-ordinating the catalogue for the Fundació La Caixa exhibition «Henri Cartier-Bresson. Fotógrafo».

Interviewing comic-book authors like Ralph König or Nazario for comics magazine Claro que sí.

Taking part in the foundation and the projects of

Participación en la fundación y las actividades del equipo de traductores de proyectos expositivos y libros de arte Barcelona Kontext, a team of translators specialising in exhibition projects and art books.

Copy-writing, editing and translating press materials and advertising copy for Axel Hotels, Denys & Von Arend, Digital Vision, Barcelona ad agency Figueras Font Blanqué,, Lycos, Unisys, Bayer, Aer Lingus, Agfa, Adidas, HP and Kodak.

Professional placement at the Art and Culture section of
El País newspaper.